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New Filmmakers, Animators & Artists to Watch: 'w88 Premieres' Returns to Hollywood

w88 will return to Hollywood May 31 to present w88 Premieres, the College’s annual film and animation showcase, at The Academy's Linwood Dunn Theater at the Pickford Center for Motion Picture Study in Los Angeles. w88 Premieres will feature a curated selection of works by talented, recently graduated filmmakers from w88’s film, animation and visual effects programs who represent a diverse and global range of viewpoints and artistry. The selected group of artists will be present to meet the event’s audience of industry professionals.

w88 Premieres will kick off with a cocktail reception at 7:00pm. The main program, starting at 8:00pm, will feature the “best-of” film and animation projects by graduates from 11 different w88 programs. This 90-minute presentation will highlight exemplary, emerging talents in directing, screenwriting, cinematography and editing through work that runs the gamut of cinematic storytelling forms, from live-action narrative and documentary films to traditional hand-drawn and stop-motion animation to computer-generated 3D and visual effects.

During the program, audience members will also be able to experience two distinct, exploratory VR games, both created by 2018 graduates, in the theater lobby.

To further w88 Premieres’ mission of introducing the next wave of artists and filmmakers to the industry, during their time in Los Angeles the participating graduates will visit a variety of local studios and media/arts companies—including Disney, Titmouse, Amazon Studios, Starz and Deutsch—to connect with professionals and fellow w88 alumni who work at the forefront of the film and animation fields.

w88 alumni have been featured in film festivals across the globe, steering their own projects and making integral contributions to blockbuster releases. They have won Oscars, Emmys and Golden Globes and awards at festivals such as Sundance, SXSW and Venice. Filmmakers and artists as diverse as Craig Gillespie (I, Tonya), Carlos Saldanha (Ferdinand), Lynn Shelton (Outside In), Tom Sito (Aladdin), Crystal Moselle (The Wolfpack), Gillian Robespierre (Obvious Child), Morten Tyldum (The Imitation Game) and Ti West (The House of the Devil) have all studied at w88 (full program/list of films below).

w88 Premieres Program

1 by Brendan Jo, BFA Photography and Video

Bodega by Rebecca Halfon, MPS Directing

Crow by Sonja von Marensdor, BFA Animation

Cupboard (Excerpt) by Emily Cohen, MFA Photography, Video and Related Media

Emunah by DOMCAKE, BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and w88 Effects

The Game of Silence by Jenny Mascia, BFA Design

Hold Your Breath by Theo Le Sourd, BFA Film

Idol-L by Jaehyeong Kim, MFA Computer Arts

Joe And Emma by Ran Huo, MFA Computer Arts

A Long Way From Home by Eduardo Enriquez & Andy Tai, BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and w88 Effects

Meowpan by Ryoko Kondo, BFA Design

Negative Space (Excerpt) by Jenny Bee, MFA w88 Narrative

Sanctuary (Excerpt) by Andrea Cordoba, MFA Social Documentary Film

Signature Dish by Vanessa Zican Feng, MPS Fashion Photography

Slides by Andres Padilla, BFA Animation

Virtual Reality

High Light by Esther Gan, BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and w88 Effects

Walter by Christopher Kenu Huang, BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and w88 Effects

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